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In 2016, I spent seven weeks painting the spring schooner “fitting out” at North End Shipyard in Rockland, ME. This is an annual ritual in which these grand old dames are made seaworthy for the season. I spent many hours each week painting in the cold.

I was attracted to both the boats and the people who work on them. Painting these old ladies felt a lot like figure painting. By studying the boats’ whole torsos, I understood them better dressed in their summer finery of sheets, shrouds, and sails. Schooners are big, broad-hulled, working boats, and I related to them immediately.

From top left:

Winch (American Eagle), 16X12, oil on canvasboard

More Work than They Bargained For (Isaac H. Evans), 16X12, oil on canvasboard

Big Boned (Heritage), 16X12, oil on canvasboard

Ready to Launch (Mercantile), 16X12, oil on canvasboard

Cap’n’s Rowboat (Grace Bailey), 16X12, oil on canvasboard

Coast Guard Inspection (American Eagle), 8X6, oil on canvasboard

Packing Oakum (Isaac H. Evans), 8X6, oil on canvasboard

Setting Blocks (Heritage and American Eagle), 8X6, oil on canvasboard

Striping (Heritage), 8X6, oil on canvasboard

Spring, 12X16, oil on canvasboard

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